Raveyard Shifts

by Madteo


released February 21, 2015

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“Das Unheimliche” is the Freudian term for the Uncanny, the hidden threat lying under an apparent normality, the reverse side of the quiet surface of things. And honestly, the concept could well find in Madteo’s sound architectonics its contemporary lineage. Playing hide-and-seek with over-textured layers that by turns develop paradoxical feelings of warmth and insecurity, melodically blowing hot and cold, the NYC-based producer steers his boat on sight. This new release on Parisian outlet Latency will not shake presuppositions.

Every sample resonates in and out of its little loop box, both focused on and digressed from, unfolding sub-structures inside the bigger picture in a permanent dawn of subjugation. Take the overlapping, softly-battering rhythm of ‘Hoodshedding’, a perfect example of Madteo’s sense of expansion with a minimal lot of elements, a track on which the man manages to keep afloat a sound carcass that none but the man himself would dare sculpting. Yet, the tune develops a singular charm that’s well worth the dedication.

The opening track ‘Irreconcilable Indifferences’ is definitely the most haunting of the three and the recipe lies as much in Madteo’s graceful sense of sample-stretching, rough cut and pasting, as it rests upon a truly nonconformist approach of the loop art. Like snipers hitting the trigger in between two heartbeats, the man keeps juggling with sonic superimpositions and untamed cadency. The simple mix of poetic sensuality of that dissonant guitar ballade and subtle sonic splits are carrying the day here.

The closing tune ‘Discomfort Zone’ offers a last glimpse of Madteo’s distorted ambiances in a more hard-liner way, fading lights flashing a last time before the funfair closes its doors. The underlying threat couldn’t feel more tangible, the moist atmosphere turns asphyxiating. Anxiety is over, or has it just started growing on you? One thing is sure, Madteo’s paranoid cuts lost nothing of their fearful charm.

Baptiste Girou

« "Irreconcilable Indifferences" and "Hoodshedding" are both foggy, low-slung rhythm workouts, their grooves so slow and erratic that you'd be forgiven for missing them entirely. Both work with a handful of samples, slicing and retriggering in classic Madteo style. The A-side, with its dissonant guitar clusters and background distortion, is probably the stronger of the two, but both have a hypnotic quality that rewards deep listening—preferably through a fog of exhaustion and alcohol. Closing the B-side, "Discomfort Zone" blows out some of the cobwebs with arrhythmic synth blasts and the odd squeal of feedback. Madteo has been bolder elsewhere, but as a window into his strange universe,Raveyard Shifts is as good as any. »

Angus Finlayson

Composed and produced by Matteo Ruzzon
Photography taken by Louise Ernandez



Latency Paris, France

Latency is a record label based in Paris, run by Sidney and Suleiman. Its sound covers a broad span, ranging from immersive dub techno to ambient soundscapes and stretching out to further more audacious electronic experiments.

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